What Bristol Dog Walkers Should Bring

Bristol dog walking is no easy task. You must take care of the pet and not leave it in the middle of nowhere. There are some dogs who are stubborn and they will chase after a cat while you go after it. If you are out of shape, you will probably have a hard time chasing the dog. Whenever it is time to walk the dog, Bristol dog walkers should bring the following things:

Plastic Wraps

This is for cleaning up the dog poo. Dogs are like humans as they also need to poo after they eat. In addition, it is not a good habit to just leave the poop there and someone will get mad after they see it. It would be better to clean it up using a plastic wrap. In the beginning, you are not going to feel right because you think your hands will touch the poop. As time passes by, you are going to get used to it. If you still feel that your hands are going to get dirty, there is always the option to wear gloves so there is no chance at all that your hands will get dirty.


Yes, it would be best to know where you are going. If it is your first time in the area, you know you can get lost. Besides, Bristol is huge so there is always the chance you will lose track of where you are. Thus, better have a GPS with you so you can get the dog back to the owner after an hour. You would not want to be late and come home to a dog owner who is worried sick. That will leave a bad impression on you and that may diminish the chances of getting hired again in the future.


The dog should be put on a leash. No matter how much you trust the dog, there may be some cases when you will lose track of where the pet goes. It may go after another dog so you must restrain it from doing that. Make sure the dog is not hurt by the leash though. There are times that the dog gets hurt when you pull it a bit too much. Be sure to wash the leash after every use so it will be clean again the next time that you use it.

Now that you know what a Bristol dog walker must bring, you can be confident in doing your job the correct manner. After all, a dog needs to be walked each day and if the dog owner is impressed with what you did, then he may hire you again in the future. That would mean more income for you especially if the person refers you to all the right people. There is nothing like having a consistent side income so you can feel confident about investing in other things. If you are doing something you love doing, then that works out for everyone involved here.